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Warehouse Management System Technology: Dollars And Sense

The motivation to upgrade your warehouse management system technology is first and foremost a business decision. A more comprehensive WMS addresses your current operation and allows you to compete for new business. But, winning the business is often determined by providing your services at the lowest overall cost. Unparalleled value in warehouse management system technology is ultimately your most important competitive weapon.

The assumption behind the pursuit of the latest "cool" product release is that it automatically must be more efficient and less costly than everything that has come before. Not so fast. Although sales pitches usually include "new" and "improved", new does not always mean improved, especially when it comes to delivering the best value for the money.

Taking Care Of Business

When evaluating warehouse management system technology, start with its roots. A number of products have expanded from consumer and hobbyist roots in recent years to try and capture a portion of the business market. It is important to note that only the Power 6 platform was engineered strictly for the level of performance required by a logistics business.

The storage design of the Power 6 offers a level of efficiency that is unmatched by any other warehouse management system platform. And since the Power 6 supports businesses, it is engineered for extreme warehouse transaction volumes and scalability, both now and into the future. Other points for consideration include:

It’s just what you'd expect from business-class warehouse management system technology.

Full-Featured, Right Out Of The Box

We think that when you invest in a warehouse and logistics management system, the system should contain all the components you need right out of the box. Start with a database that can be accessed with SQL, XML and it's own native methods, simultaneously. And what’s a database without business-class data integrity? We include multi-user record-level access control, transaction rollback, audit trail journals and even remote journaling to offsite servers. Communications, wizard-driven administration, security and full vendor support--all from a single vendor--are also included. That’s a completely integrated warehouse management system, and our idea of what logistics management software should be.

The Bottom Line

Since your bottom line is also affected by warehouse staffing costs as well, you’ll like these numbers: our installations routinely support multi-warehouse, multi-million square foot operations with a fraction of the warehouse staff required by other platforms. Power 6 technology is the value leader in installation, reliability, scalability, and business-class logistics performance. When all of the associated costs are considered, the Power 6 platform has the lowest total cost of operation (TCO), critically important when new warehouse business is on the line.

Part of our value proposition is our flexibility in implementation options. Growing logistics operations prefer our hosted/lease options, where we manage a central server and there are no warehouse infrastructure investments on your part. More mature logistics operations prefer the absolute control afforded by a license/purchase option. We can show you the ROI on either implementation option, up front.

We offer these down-to-earth explanations of our warehouse management system technology to help you separate new product hype from reality and choose the logistics management software that provides the greatest value. Our passion is seeing you consistently win new business, weather economic storms, grow your warehousing operation and hand it down to successive generations. To us, that's cool.

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We believe the goal of warehouse management system technology is maximizing your value and competitive advantage.

That’s what we deliver.