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Browser-Based & Branded

Our audience-appropriate warehouse management system interfaces provide the mobility, compatibility and pure performance you need. Let’s start with the warehouse management system interface you’ll offer your customers. Not only is it browser-based, but it incorporates your company branding. You can offer one impression for all customers or one impression for each customer.

Both you and your customers can get 100% real-time access to inventory, reports and downloads from any browser. Laptop or wi-fi hotspot, they’re both supported. At the hotel for the night or waiting on a layover flight, you’re still connected to your operation. And for hipsters whose browser is now attached to their hip, any web-enabled smartphone will work as well. Our cutting-edge capability helps you win new business.

Your Office Interface

Within your office environment, we offer the same desktop warehouse management system interface you’re used to: Windows. XP or Vista, they’re both supported. Simply double-click on the WDLS warehouse management system icon and both Customer Service and Management have a 100% real-time view of the operation. Answer customer questions and run all the real-time reports you need.

If you prefer an open-source Linux platform to connect to our warehouse management system, we offer a Linux-native warehouse management system interface as well.

When Performance Is Paramount

When order fulfillment is your area of responsibility, you’re measured by throughput-based key performance indicators, such as:

In this environment, you need an interface designed for pure performance and lightning-quick response times, because to date, we’ve never seen a KPI for "Image".

When pure performance is what you need, there’s no more efficient interface on the planet than one that communicates only the information you need to do your job. No unnecessary graphics. No gingerbread. Pure speed. That’s what our warehouse teams demand, so that’s what we deliver.

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Our warehouse management system interfaces are audience-appropriate, providing the real-time updates you need.