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warehouse management system integration

Warehouse Management System Integration

Improving your warehouse management system integration directly increases your productivity and reduces your costs. With our WDLS warehouse management system, you receive sophisticated, flexible WMS integration with a wide range of existing business systems and trading partners. Automate manual processes with real-time updates, free up staff for more important tasks and enable your growing logistics operation to compete with the giants.

WMS Integration Capabilities

  • Accounts Payable Systems
  • AS2
  • E-Commerce
    Trading Partners
  • EDI (ANSI & X.12)
  • E-mail
  • ERP - Baan
  • ERP - Computer Associates
  • ERP - Epicor
  • ERP - Great Plains
  • ERP - Industrial and
    Financial Systems (IFS)
  • ERP - J. D. Edwards
  • ERP - Lawson Software
  • ERP - Mapics
  • ERP - Microsoft Dynamics
  • ERP - NetSuite
  • ERP - Oracle
  • ERP - Peoplesoft
  • ERP - QAD
  • ERP - Sage Group, The
  • ERP - SAP
  • ERP - SSA
    Global Technologies
  • Excel
  • Files, Delimited
  • Files, Flat
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • General Ledger Systems
  • Label Applicators
  • Label Printers
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Devices
  • Radio Frequency
    Identification (RFID)
  • Shipping Software
  • Value-added Network
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Voice Picking Systems
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Web Browsers
  • Web Services
  • Weighing Scales
  • XML

Supported EDI Transaction Sets

  • 204, carrier Load Tender
  • 210, Invoice
  • 214, Shipment Event
  • 846, Inventory Inquiry/
  • 850, Purchase Order
  • 852, Product Activity
  • 856, Advance Shipment
  • 860, Receiving Advice
  • 940, Warehouse
    Shipping Order
  • 943, Inbound Notification
  • 944, Stock Transfer
  • 945, Shipping Advice
  • 947, Warehouse Adjustment
  • 990, Load Tender Response
  • 997, Functional

Increasing your warehouse management system integration shouldn’t also mean a subsequent increase in complexity or cost, though. You won't need to purchase any additional middleware for integration; it's included as standard functionality in WDLS.

Centralized Data Validation

Our flexible products are team players, acknowledging the strength of diverse systems while adhering to standards of excellence throughout. The sophisticated, real-time interfaces to existing systems you receive are complemented by simple and centralized data validation. Achieving improvements in data quality throughout your logistics operation just became a whole lot easier. And when the business rules change, just make the simple configuration updates on-screen. Everybody plays by the new rules, real-time.

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Our warehouse management system integration includes automated business systems interfaces with centralized data validation.