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3PL-Based Billing Flexibility

The warehouse management system capabilities for 3PL billing require extensive flexibility and reporting. Since the WDLS warehouse management system was designed for 3PLs, these comprehensive rates, bases and minimums are included as standard functionality:

Rates, Bases & Minimums

  • Accessorial
  • All international
    weight types
  • Anniversary
  • Auto-charges
  • Barrel
  • Case
  • Conditional/Custom
  • Cubic Feet
  • Default COD
  • Default Freight
  • Flat Fees
  • Freight
  • Grace Billing
  • Handling
    (Alternate, Distribution
    & Regular)
  • Item Minimums
  • Item-level Override
  • Labor Hours
  • Layer
  • Lot Minimums
  • Pallet
  • Per Transaction
  • Per Transaction Line
  • Reasonable Charges
  • Receipt Minimums
  • Receiving Storage
  • Recurring Storage
  • Rolls
  • Standard
  • Storage
  • Summary
  • Time
  • Total Minimums
  • Volume
  • Weight

Comprehensive, real-time sales and revenue reporting is also included in on-screen display and printed report formats. Payment capabilities include Lock Box Processing and extensive Cash Application functionality.

Time Is Money

Monthly billing for a 3PL can be time-consuming, taking the better part of a week and requiring overtime. But with the capabilities of the WDLS warehouse management system, your monthly 3PL billing can now be posted the day after closing, eliminating your overtime costs.

WDLS has the comprehensive 3PL billing flexibility you need. Accumulate client charges throughout the month in real-time, reviewing as you go. At the end of the month, simply have your Customer Service Representatives review the monthly worksheets in either online or printed formats. Then, use WDLS to post the Invoices in hours, not days.

WDLS also gives you the ability to start shipping again while your monthly invoices are being generated, maximizing your multi-tasking efficiences. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing all charges will be invoiced as well, no exceptions. When circumstances prevent an update charge from being applied until after the monthly closing date has passed, it will be included in the next billing period.

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Flexible 3PL warehouse management system billing capabilities and sophisticated multi-tasking functionality reduce your costs and maximize your revenue.