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At Codeworks, we´re constantly look out for new ways to reduce costs, provide greater value to the clients we serve and move the logistics field forward. One of the ways we do this is through our 100% good news e-newsletter, a summary of the "Top 20" news articles and industry trends from over 50 industry publications. Delivered electronically right to your favorite Inbox, you don´t even have to be a client to subscribe. Published once per quarter, it´s a great way to stay informed about the 3PL industry and learn more about us.

Another way we maximize value for our clients at Codeworks is by producing all of our marketing in-house. codeworks about usE-mail, direct mail, website, search engines, all provided without an ad agency cost passed along to you. We also believe that you care more about what we say than fireworks with which we say it.

We save both money and resources by electronic distribution of our materials. All our brochures, case studies and white papers are available for download on our website, no registration required. In addition, you can also forward the majority of our website pages to any of 120+ social marketing sites, right from the page.

These eco-friendly practices make it easy to forward information to a colleague and keep costs to an absolute minimum. When you invest in products from Codeworks, the cost reflects the value of the products, not the promotion, just the way it should be.

Like all business, we need to produce printed materials from time to time. codeworks about usIt's part of doing business. But we choose eco-friendly suppliers and print them on 100% post-consumer recycled papers that are Forest Stewardship Council-certified and Ancient Forest-Friendly. In fact, our product brochure is printed with eco-friendly soy and vegetable inks and produced with 100% wind energy.

In learning more about us at Codeworks, we thought you would appreciate knowing how our proactive, innovative business practices not only keep costs to a minimum, but they also minimize the impact to our planet. Please join us in this noble effort.

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To us, beng a good business partner for warehouse management software also means being a good steward.

Please join us in this noble effort.