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Warehouse Management Software Case Studies

Our warehouse management software case studies provide quantifiable results in productivity improvement, inventory accuracy, cost reduction and value. While these WMS case studies show the results we achieve for our customers every day, we encourage you to learn more about comprehensive features of our WDLS warehouse management software that provides the foundation for success.

Improving Your Value To Improve Your Competitive Advantage

In today's markets, the best warehouse management software improves the value you offer to your clients. That, in turn, gives you a stronger competitive position. In this warehouse management software case study, our warehouse management system provided greater efficiencies to both staff and systems, improving the value received by the warehousing operation and their clients.

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Expanding Your Definition Of "Freight"

Warehouse management software should allow you to track any and all types of customer freight, even when that freight is a document. In this warehouse management software case study, our warehouse management system provided the ability to track documents with the same flexibility as other freight, expanding the services offered.

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Hosted Solutions: How Smaller Operations
Compete With The Giants

Comprehensive capabilities allow you to bid for new business against larger competitors, but having the best price allows you win the new business. In this warehouse management software case study, our WDLS warehouse management system provides the capabilities you need to compete, but our hosted implementation provides a price point that allows you to be a giant killer.

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WDLS: The Heart Of A Growing Logistics Operation

When this 3PL operation needed to expand its capabilities with license plating, scales, conveyors and automated labelling equipment, they didn't need to invest in a new warehouse management system. In this warehouse management software case study, our WDLS warehouse management system not only provided all these capabilities as standard features, but WDLS was able to help provide a 100% increase in throughput.

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Codeworks Boosts Horsepower
At Auto Parts Operation

The addition of a manufacturing operation with tight inventory controls and scalability to support strategic growth required a warehouse management software upgrade. In this warehouse management software case study, our WDLS warehouse management system provided not only the strategic scalability, but also raised inventory accuracy to “virtually perfect” levels at 99.998%.

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Codeworks Rides Herd On Efficiency In Dallas

When quick compliance, theft reduction or higher productivity drives the implementation of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the WDLS warehouse management system really delivers. In this warehouse management software case study, our native RFID support and consulting services helped this client turn radio frequency identification into a competitive advantage.

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Warehouse Management At The Speed Of Sound

Cost reduction and improved productivity led the evolution to voice-based picking at this progressive logistics operation. In this warehouse management software case study, our WDLS warehouse management system provided native support for speech based picking technology and real-time integration. Overall productivity increased by 28% with some accounts enjoying an improvement of 50%.

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White Papers

Maximizing Supply Chain Value:
Comparing TCO Among WMS Platforms

Although comprehensive capabilities allow you to bid on new business, winning the bid ultimately comes down to price. How can you keep margins at a sustainable level while offering ultra-competitive pricing? In this warehouse management software case study, our WDLS warehouse management system platform is compared against other alternatives to show the technology that enables you to minimize costs and consistently win new business.

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Customer Testimonials

e-Commerce Integration

“The WDLS e-Commerce module trades 90% of our activity electronically which has increased our accuracy and significantly reduced our overhead.”

- Darby Strickland, President, Shippers Warehouse


“...our customers are thrilled with WDLS’s interface capability, especially with such major systems as SAP and other proprietary programs. The ability of WDLS to provide a paperless operating environment for high volume, high SKU facilities on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis keeps us in a leadership position in 3rd Party contract operations, and is one of the key building blocks of our success.”

- Jack Mackenzie, Vice-President ODW Contract Services

Product Usability

“Our experience with WDLS software over the past three years has been one of stability, flexibility, ease of use, and exemplary support. Our operation is complex, running multiple warehouse operations in different environments on one server. The systems ease of use through all of this complexity is the best I’ve encountered.”

- Jim Houpt, Manager of Operations, Logisco

Radio Frequency

“Using WDLSRF, we conducted a blind, dual count, audited, physical inventory of 1.2 million cases. The prior physical count occurred 3 years ago. The dual counts & recounts were recorded in 4 hours using RF devices. The comparison to book was completed in only 6 hours resulting in a difference of less than 500 cases. Our client measured the accuracy at .996 – their best result ever.”

- Graham Swank, General Manager, Southwest Logistics

Voice Technology

“The Voice technology we implemented has led to productivity gains that even I could not have imagined...With the help of Codeworks’ systems and staff helping to implement these changes, we gained an additional 20% productivity improvement we did not expect.”

- Larry Landtiser, General Manager, Strategic Customer Operations, ODW Logistics, Inc.


“The workflow capability of WDLS gives us the ability to define processing steps for orders and receipts by client and assign responsibility for each step within our operation...It has led to measurable improvements in performance and quality of service.”

- Dieter Stoll, President, M&W Distribution Services, Inc.

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