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Voice Directed Picking

Voice picking technology is an excellent way to improve warehouse productivity and safety. Voice directed picking migrates your operation to a paper-free operation, reducing your costs and improving your value proposition. When your warehouse management system is WDLS, integration with voice directed picking technology comes standard.

Sound Reasons For Voice Picking

And with the WDLS warehouse management system, your current operation is supported while you incorporate the newest voice picking technology. Paper-based, RF and voice directed picking is supported--simultaneously-- for any account.

Quantifiable Results Of Voice Picking

The way we see it, a substantial improvement in productivity shouldn't also include a similar increase in cost. The topVOX© voice picking technology runs on inexpensive and readily available hardware, keeping your costs down. topVOX© offers a considerable cost savings over proprietary voice picking hardware.

Along with improving team productivity and reducing costs, a voice directed picking system also produces tangible improvements in productivity. At one of our client sites, productivity increased 28%, with some accounts experiencing a 50% increase in productivity.

When you’re ready to improve your productivity, Codeworks has the warehouse management system and voice picking technology affiliate to help you get there. Call us today and let’s talk about the challenges you’re facing. We’re here to listen, to learn and to help.

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Voice directed picking technology comes standard with our warehouse management system, improving your throughput and picking accuracy.