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transportation management software reporting

Transportation Management Software Reporting

Our transportation management system reporting starts with 100% real-time reports and downloads to keep you up-to-date. Then, we offer you the ability to store years worth of historical data, maximizing your data mining capabilities. Combine that with our comprehensive transportation management software reporting capabilities and you have a solution built for the long haul.

Comprehensive Reports

Prior to consolidating a load, run a shipment savings analysis report and review your possibilities. Track your freight accrued, your costs and margins; our Traffic transportation management software reporting shows both the costs and revenue of each shipment. Check shipment status and offer your customers the ability to view all scheduled outbound shipments at all locations. Traffic's report categories include:

Fine Tuning The Financials

Start with a Transportation Recap report to review your loads and associated costs. Dig deeper with a Current Status report that lists shipments along with invoiced and uninvoiced revenue. For shipment-level analysis, our Revenue Analysis report summarizes revenue, cost, profit and margin by shipment class. You can even compare revenue and margin by client with our Revenue By Customer report.

The Traffic transportation management system helps not only with where your operation is now, but where it’s going in the future. The capability to project both transportation rates and overall transportation revenue are included within the core capabilities of our transportation management solution.

To review the reporting capabilities contained within our flagship warehouse and distribution logistics system (WDLS), click here.

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Comprehensive transportation management software reporting for management and staff.

Increase consolidation, cut costs & track revenue by customer.