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transportation management software integration

Transportation Management Software Integration

Transportation management system integration begins with an automated data feed right from the warehouse management system. That’s what we offer as a starting point, but we also maximize both inbound and outbound efficiencies. Transportation management software integration from Codeworks includes interaction with electronic data interchange (EDI), e-mail and web browsers.

Our EDI capabilities include automatically accepting, validating and/or rejecting carrier invoices. In addition, we send and receive freight invoices (EDI transaction code 210). A response document to a tendered load (EDI transaction code 990) is automatic, as is the communication of various shipment events (e.g., appointments, pickup confirmed, delivery confirmed, EDI transaction code 214). And, with any desktop browser, you can take advantage of both web-based entry and inquiry.

Automated Notifications & Updates

Take advantage of transportation management software integration to handle many of the communication tasks for you. We make quick work of the task-based communications with "Traffic," our transportation management system. As carriers are being assigned and delivery appointments are being set, Traffic provides automatic, real-time communications to outside parties. Integration with your warehouse, brokered carrier, consignee and customer have never been easier.

Traffic also provides automated integration with systems as well as staff. Transfer real-time updates to your accounting systems for payment. Master-bill multiple shipments from one customer, further reducing costs. From beginning to end, our transportation management software integration puts you in the driver’s seat.

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Maximize operational efficiency of both inbound and outbound freight with our transportation management software integration capabilities.