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RFID Software

Radio frequency identification (RFID) software has a number of benefits for your logistics operation. RFID tags withstand dirt and scratches and the chips contained within can be scanned up to 25 feet away. A warehouse management system with RFID software support also makes improvements in a number of areas, while reducing negative operational aspects in others.

RFID Software Improves:

RFID Software Reduces:

RFID Integration

The integration capabilities of RFID contained within the WDLS warehouse management system include support for both RFID printers and readers. In fact, we’re already compliant with the most stringent EPC Global Standards.

We speak from experience, helping one of our clients provide RFID as one of their services. They improved compliance and now include it as one of their core services to win new business. When your operation needs a warehouse management system that supports the efficiencies of radio frequency identification, we're here to listen, to learn and to help.

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With RFID software support included for both readers and printers, our WMS helps improve accuracy and compliance while reducing costs.