Core Values

SC Codeworks Advantage

SC Codeworks is an all inclusive software development company that focuses on warehouse and transportation software needs. We supply 3PL warehouse operations with technical business consulting, software installation, development and support, EDI solutions, installation and training. Our consulting expertise also offers capacity reviews, resource management, disaster recovery planning, operating systems and network configuration.


SC Codeworks supplies a proprietary WMS software known as WDLS or Warehouse and Distribution Logistics Software. WDLS provides a full-featured, fully-integrated, customizable warehouse management system (WMS), with modules such as transportation management system module (TMS), and yard management system module (YMS) for 3PL warehouse customers. WDLS and all of it's associated modules are able to deliver information that is uniquely tailored for today' diverse customer requirements. Also, we are able to provide a higher productivity for your freight operations at a lower cost with automated interfaces and the ability to maximize profitability on each order.


In addition to our software offerings, we focus on our client relationships to compliment their third-party logistic skills with our professional information technology expertise. It is because of this unique partnership that the customer receives the highest level of technology, information, and quality of service that is essential to compete in today's marketplace.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide a quick response to our customer's needs, practical solutions with quantifiable results and a personal relationship with our team who understands your business and its unique challenges.


In an increasingly competitive market, logistics leaders turn to experienced solutions providers who understand your business and its unique challenges. SC Codeworks supports multiple companies with diverse requirements, and inventory to reduce costs, improve performance, and increase sales. We know, because we help logistics operations like yours survive and thrive in this environment every day. SC Codeworks is uniquely qualified to provide your third-party logistics with the capability to win new business.


We offer functionality with a simplified approach you'll find refreshing. As a single source for business consulting, we offer full-featured and fully-integrated products, installation, training and exceptional support.


The warehouse and transportation solutions you receive include all the options as standard so your costs don't increase when your transactions, users or locations do.


Maximizing your productivity while minimizing your supply chain interruptions has never been easier. Your tangible Return on Investment (ROI) goes from rapid to immediate.


SC Codeworks is the solutions provider who understands your logistics operation, offers the products and services you need today and shares your passion for excellence.