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Codeworks is a Third-Party Logistics specialist, helping you cut costs, increase throughput and win new business. With 15 years of success in the 3PL field, our client companies include both large and smaller 3PL, vendor-managed (VMI) and contract operations. Since the success of your operation is our focus, we believe that in helping you, it helps us. This sound advice has proven itself time and again throughout our history, as we’ve never lost a single customer.

When you partner with Codeworks, you receive sophisticated products with a simplified, value-oriented approach you’ll find refreshing. Straight answers. Practical solutions. Quantifiable results. That’s what today’s 3PL operations require, and that’s what we deliver.

Integrated Solutions

At Codeworks, our integrated solutions begin with a comprehensive range of services:

With this simplified approach, you avoid finger pointing among any number of vendors. Instead, you receive deliverables without delays and maximum efficiency at minimum cost. In other words, unparalleled value.

The warehouse and transportation solutions we offer are applicable to a wide range of facilities and industries and achieving real-time supply chain visibility beyond the “four walls” has never been easier. Audience-appropriate interfaces include web-based order entry and the self-serve reports and downloads satisfy even the most demanding visibility requirements. Simply put, you can do more with the same level of staffing, improving your value proposition.

The integrated warehouse and transportation solutions you receive include all the options as standard features. You maximize your productivity and throughput while minimizing your interruptions, (the hidden variable in determining your true total cost of ownership.) Our flexibility also reduces your costs with support for any 802.11x Radio Frequency device, so you can price shop for the best value. Your existing staff will enjoy the increased throughput and higher levels of real-time visibility by taking advantage of our automated customer notification capabilities.

Our Exceptional Value

Building value starts with a solid foundation, so our platform of choice is based on a critical business need: provide the lowest total cost of operation, keeping your prices competitive. In fact, all our reliable, scalable and cost-effective technologies are selected for purely business reasons. The platform you receive includes all the necessary components, such as the database, communications, security, administration and full vendor support. When you upgrade to a Codeworks WMS, you receive a true warehouse management system.

We believe that while your business grows, your ongoing WMS costs should stay flat. This may not be what you typically hear from a WMS supplier, but when our focus is on helping you, it will be. Your costs don’t increase when your transactions, users or locations do. Want to add more warehouses? Same price. More users? Transactions spike in the fourth quarter every year? Same price. Your prices stay ultra-competitive over the long term.

We offer flexibility in our implementation options as well. Growing operations will enjoy our lease option while larger operations will prefer our license option. Either way, financing is available to maximize your opportunities for upgrading to a comprehensive warehouse management system. An itemized list of your investment is provided up front and we work with you to quantify how quickly your Codeworks WMS will pay for itself.

Straight answers. Practical solutions. Quantifiable results. The next step is to contact us.

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Our straightforward and value-oriented approach to providing you with the products and partnerships for operational success.