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Codeworks is a 3PL warehouse management system specialist, offering full-featured, fully-integrated warehouse and transportation solutions. Over 40 years of Codeworks logistics experience helps you reduce supply chain costs, improve productivity and win new business.

Codeworks Offers Practical Solutions

At Codeworks, our solutions are applicable to a wide range of industries and facilities. Our technology platform delivers the lowest total cost of operation for maximum value. Compare the comprehensive functionality of a Codeworks solution or download a brochure.

Combined with a Codeworks integrated transportation management solution, you can deliver higher productivity in your freight operations at a lower cost.

Codeworks Produces Quantifiable Results

Read the results & testimonials we’ve received and consider how we could help optimize your operation with the Codeworks advantage. Our ROI calculator shows how quickly a Codeworks warehouse management system will turn a profit for you.

We provide straight answers, practical solutions and quantifiable results, just the way it should be. When you're ready to reduce your costs, improve your productivity and win new business, contact us.

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Reducing total cost of operations
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Eliminating onsite hardware costs
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Managing all freight types with one system
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Selecting a scalable WMS
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Implementing RFID technology
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The benefits of pick-by-voice
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